Daniel P Cahill, MD, PhD
Associate Professor, Neurosurgery
Lab Director


Dr. Cahill holds the Tawingo Chair in Neurosurgery at Massachusetts General Hospital, and is an Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School. His research studies precision medicine in brain tumors.

As a neurosurgeon-scientist, Dr. Cahill’s clinical practice is highly-focused on the care of brain tumor patients, improving national clinical trials of therapy for these patients, and training neurosurgical residents to surgically diagnose and treat these cancers.

Dr. Cahill was born and raised in Connecticut, attending Yale College and then Johns Hopkins Medical School in Baltimore, receiving his MD/PhD degrees in 2001.  He completed neurosurgery residency training at the Massachusetts General Hospital in 2008.  His first faculty position was in the practice of neurosurgical oncology at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.  He then rejoined the faculty of the MGH Brain Tumor Center in 2011, where he is currently in active practice

Hiroaki Nagashima, MD, PhD
Post Doctoral Fellow, Neurosurgery

Dr. Nagashima is a Post-Doctoral fellow in the Cahill Lab at Massachusetts General Hospital. He attended Toyama University where he received his MD degree in 2007; completed neurosurgery residency training at Kobe University Hospital in 2013; and received a PhD from Kobe University in 2016.

His research goal is to develop novel therapy and diagnostic biomarker for IDH mutant glioma by using metabolomic approaches.